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Boost Your Health using acupuncture

It is said that in ancient China you paid your doctor as long as you were well. If you became ill you stopped paying him until you were well again.

Chinese Medicine is based on the idea of balance and well being and places considerable emphasis on the promotion of strong health and helping you get the most from all the stages of life, from young to old.

As acupuncturists, our job is to help you manage stress, process toxins, smooth and improve your digestion, sleep better and recuperate more deeply, boost your immune system and make life style choices that will help you get the most from life, as well as fix the low back pain, bad digestion or painful menstruation that was the initial factor that brought you in for treatment.

At Dragon Acupuncture we have been working with a mixture of massage, movement and acupuncture for over thirteen years. We’re pretty good at it, and we’re proud to offer our experience, support and care to help you make the changes you need, to make your life the best it can be.


"The Dragon Acupuncture Project is truly a life-saver for me. The practitioners are professional, knowledgable and very easy to talk to. The low cost means I can have treatment much more regularly than if I was seeing a practitioner one-to-one. Despite there being several patients being treated at the same time, I can easily relax in the treatment room. I've recommended this service to many of my friends, because I know they'll benefit from it, and they'll be able to afford to come for as long as they need to."

"My experience - that where Western doctors were unable to help, the skill of your acupuncturists has set me back on the road to health. I felt Calum was really interested and caring and trying to help; the atmosphere is caring and friendly. Keep up the good work!"