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Tel: 07760 492 136
Grantham House, 55a Grantham Road, BN1 6EF

acupuncture studio

What We Offer at our Acupuncture clinics

In depth one-to-one private treatment is available from our Grantham Road clinic which is located midway between Fiveways & The Level, just off Ditchling Road. This clinic has the benefit of private off road parking. 

We are open Monday - Friday: first appointment 9am, last appointment 7pm. These are charged at the flat rate of £40 for the hour. Bookings can be made by calling 07760 492 136. 

These treatments often involve both manual work and traditional acupuncture. In addition to acupuncture, each practitioner has a strong back ground in massage as well as postural work such as yoga or tai chi.

In a practical sense this means we work as much with our hands as we do with needles, with a focus on posture and spinal alignment as a basis for treatment. We will always work in a way that is based around your needs.

Over the 13 years since we first opened we have treated thousands of Brighton & Hove residents. We have been fortunate to accumulate considerable clinical experience, and have developed a strong network with other local healthcare providers (osteopaths, massage therapists, herbalists, councillors etc).

One of the key strengths of our practice is that we offer our patients a clear understanding of how, and to what extent, we can help you. If your specific needs fall outside our remit, then we will refer you to someone better positioned to help.


I came to Dragon in a lot of pain following some kind of neck strain brought about by excessive laptop use (and underlying anxiety about other things). I had been living with this pain on and off for about two years and although osteopathy helped, every time my neck and upper back improved, I seemed to re-trigger the problem. My osteopath suggested I contact Dragon. I came to see Nik for regular acupuncture sessions and found the sessions, reassuring, healing and strengthening. During the time that I was coming to Dragon I also experienced a major bereavement and I found the care, attention and treatment worked to support me during a time of necessary grieving. I have been living now without pain for several years and am doing fine. In fact I would say that my life now is more joyful and less anxious. Thank you Nik and all at Dragon for creating a safe and healing environment. Emma