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I have been practising acupuncture and hands-on bodywork in Brighton for 20 years and I love the work that I do. The chance to keep refining & developing my skill is incredibly rewarding, as is the opportunity to work towards meaningful change with each individual. After qualifying in 1999 I completed a clinical post-grad working in a hospital in China. I have also worked in an NHS context in both Lambeth and Cheltenham hospitals.

I continue to study with a variety of inspiring teachers and I practice Qi Gong daily.


Wherever possible I try to keep things simple: resolve the initial complaint, promote healthy physical movement, good nutrition, relaxed breathing and effective stress management.


The majority of symptoms that my patients present with could be loosely grouped under the headings of pain or anxiety / stress.

Acupuncture helps manage, improve and change painful conditions in a variety of ways. As well as improving muscle elasticity (treating spasm) by improving blood circulation, acupuncture has both local and systemic anti-inflammatory effects. And crucially in the treatment of chronic pain, acupuncture helps the central nervous system (the brain) to ‘re-model’ and adapt, literally leaving the expectation of pain behind. Conditions treated include:




Low Back Pain
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Plantar Fasciitis
Sports Injuries
Headache & Migraine
Menstrual Pain
Painful Digestive Conditions
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Anxiety and stress are pervasive issues that affect all of us to a greater or lesser extent. They tip the body towards developing inflammation and keep us stuck in a whole array of ‘fight or flight’ symptoms, which undermine the healthy functioning of our bodies as well as causing significant distress. Acupuncture promotes deep relaxation. Symptoms treated include:


Panic Attacks
Acid Reflux
Teeth Grinding and Jaw Tension
Shallow Breathing
Muscle Tension



Customer Testimonials

"The Dragon Acupuncture Project is inspiring. The treatment I have received from practitioners is restoring me on many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual. My case history has been received with the utmost sensitivity and the gentle guidance I have received from practitioner and pins has made a huge beneficial difference to tangible physical problems, pain and extreme anxiety, restoring strength and hope. I was an acupuncture virgin and after the private initial consultation, quickly got over any imagined weirdness about the open clinic setting during the first session."