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Grantham House, 55a Grantham Road, BN1 6EF

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Dragon Acupuncture Brighton


Founded in 2003, Dragon Acupuncture was the first independent multi-bed clinic in the UK. We established the clinic using the traditional Chinese hospital model of treatment: many patients being treated alongside one another in the same collective space.

Currently we are providing private one-to-one treatments from our Clinic in the Fiveways area. Plans are also underway for a new multi-bed clinic with treatments being provided by newly qualified acupuncturists, with ourselves overseeing the treatments.

Grounded in years of practice and learning together, care for our patients, warmth and humour, Dragon Acupuncture has grown and changed over the years.

"I am so impressed with the Dragon Acupuncture Project - I was very quickly relieved from pain that I had put up with for two years and also treated with great care and sensitivity. I now continue to go (even though the initial problem is resolved) to boost my energy and improve my emotional well being - Dragon Acupuncture Project offers such a high standard of treatment. A friendly, warm and welcoming, individualised treatment service. I keep recommending it to friends."