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About Balance, 20-22 Gloucester Place, BN1 4AA

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These clinics offer simple and affordable treatment. We aim to offer a service that is accessible to as many people as possible in Brighton and Hove and support and build the local community. Our emphasis is on management of stress and emotional tension which we see as the primary issue behind the majority of short and long term health conditions.

This type of treatment will not be suitable for everyone: if you have a more complex issue or need one to one dialogue with a practitioner then private treatment, at least initially, may be more appropriate. Obviously we will indicate if we feel this is the case.

There will be no private consultation space and different acupuncturists will be available at different times. Treatment will take place wholly in a group setting on comfortable recliner chairs.

Please attend with clothing that allows access to points on the thigh and upper arms: a baggy t-shirt and baggy shorts would be ideal. Facilities are available to change whilst you are here.

Please book your time slot for the group clinic here. These treatments are charged on a minimum donation of £10 basis. But if you can afford to pay more than the £10 basic then please do.

The group clinic takes place at About Balance on the Steine. Currently we offer this service on Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday & Friday mornings.

About Balance, 20-22 Gloucester Place, Brighton. BN1 4AA


Please Book Your Time Slot for the Community Clinic Using the Booking Form


"The Dragon Acupuncture Project is truly a life-saver for me. The practitioners are professional, knowledgable and very easy to talk to. The low cost means I can have treatment much more regularly than if I was seeing a practitioner one-to-one. Despite there being several patients being treated at the same time, I can easily relax in the treatment room. I've recommended this service to many of my friends, because I know they'll benefit from it, and they'll be able to afford to come for as long as they need to."

"My experience - that where Western doctors were unable to help, the skill of your acupuncturists has set me back on the road to health. I felt Calum was really interested and caring and trying to help; the atmosphere is caring and friendly. Keep up the good work!"